Market Tours
Enjoy a day visiting one of our nearby villages where you will take in the sights and sounds of a traditional Guatemala market; exotic fruits and vegetables, calls of vendors selling their wares, children’s laughter and games, brightly colorful huipiles, delantalles, and cortes, rich smells of tortillas and much more!
Tours destinations include:

San Antonio Palopó

Festivals and Holidays
Semana Santa (Easter week) is the most popular holiday in Latin America. Each year villages large and small stop to celebrate and honor their saints. Be sure to check with your tour agency, or here at the hotel as transportation issues may arise during the holidays. As well, a myriad of small local festivals happen year round in each of the villages, check with our receptionists for specific dates.

Each of the villages offers unique handmade arts, from textiles, to pottery, to stylized paintings. Each artisan can offer a rich history of his or her work…in turn each village retains both their own indigenous language in addition to their traditional clothing. Visiting the villages and offers many rich experiences for very personal cultural exchanges.

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