Originally built as a private home, Casa Palopó was transformed in 2000 into the intimate 5 star hotel we share with you today. The main areas of the house remain as they were originally designed. Guests will enjoy an array of unique art pieces from our changing private art collection.

General Policies

In order to provide the relaxing and peaceful ambiance Casa Palopó has been known for, we have established the following policies for the comfort of all our guests

Check In. Check in begins at 4 pm and check out is at 2 pm daily. When checking in please be sure to carefully review your departure date. We are a small hotel and often book far in advance and cannot offer refunds for early departures. If you arrive before your room is available, we would be happy to keep your bags at reception while you enjoy our common areas and our restaurant.

Check Out. If you would like to check out later than 2 pm, please check with our reception staff. We will do our best to accommodate you, but may have other guests arriving. If we cannot offer an extension on your room stay, we would be happy to hold your items at reception. If you will be departing before 8 am, please consider settling your bill the night prior to your departure.

Transportation. We offer transportation around the Lake by boat, as well as private transportation in vans around the Lake and to surrounding towns and airport transportation. Please let us assist you with your transportation needs. Simply check in with Reception in advance. Charges will be applied directly to your room bill.

Propinas. For your convenience, a 10% gratuity is automatically applied to your room bill for your accommodations, restaurant services, and spa. A 20% gratuity is applied to all room service charges. Should you wish to leave more, please feel free to add this to your room bill at check out.
***For groups of 10 or more dining in our restaurant, we automatically include a 15% gratuity.

• Children. Casa Palopó has established itself as an environment for adults to relax. We offer accommodations to single guests, couples, and families with children 15 years minimum age. Our accommodations are not suitable for children under 15 years old.

• Visitors. All visitors must be registered at reception. Our management staff reserves the right to decline visitor access to the hotel. Visitors are allowed only in the sala and dining areas in respect for the privacy of all our registered guests.

• Additional Guests. All of our accommodations are based on double occupancy. Special exceptions may be made at the discretion of management and will incur an additional charge of 50 USD plus tax and gratuities.

• Smoking. In consideration for all guests, we ask that you do not smoke in your rooms. Per Guatemalan Law, as of February 2009, smoking is prohibited in all public areas.

• Pets. Casa Palopó does not admit pets.

• Replacement Policy . Please note that Casa Palopó reserves the right to charge guests for any missing, damages or broken items.

• Use of electronic devices . In order to respect the tranquillity of Casa Palopó, we kindly request that you limit your use of electronic devices, such as lap tops and telephones, to the privacy of your own room or patio. Use of Skype, or playing music in the common areas is strictly prohibited. Please do remember, that sound travels a great distance on the lake!

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